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Patients can receive substance abuse treatment to stop symptoms that cause problems or distress. Working with a psychiatrist can provide patients with the counseling, tools, and techniques they need to discontinue substance abuse. Without treatment, people abusing illegal or legal substances can experience issues in their daily lives at work and school and in relationships with others.

Florida Psychiatric Associates provides substance abuse treatment in Altamonte Springs and the surrounding area. Our team will provide you with the personalized care and support you deserve. Contact us today at 407-960-5633 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

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What Is Substance Abuse

Substance abuse describes the pattern of using alcohol, prescription drugs, and other legal or illegal substances too much or incorrectly. This unhealthy behavior causes people to experience significant problems or distress. When continued, it can interfere with a person’s relationships with others, cause issues at school or work, and more.

Substance abuse and addiction are not the same. While substance abuse can adversely affect a person’s life, many people can quit and change their unhealthy habits. With the right treatment, patients can overcome their patterns of substance misuse and regain control over their lives.

Substance Abuse Symptoms and Causes

A person’s substance abuse can be the result of multiple factors. Determining which factor has the greatest influence on a person is not always possible. Possible factors that may contribute to substance abuse include:

  • Environmental stressors
  • Genetics
  • Personality characteristics
  • Psychiatric problems
  • Social pressures

Symptoms of substance abuse can vary from person to person depending on the type of substance and the factors behind their behavior. However, some of the most common symptoms include craving drugs or alcohol, taking unnecessary risks, having withdrawal symptoms when not using the substance. People struggling with substance abuse may want to control their drug or alcohol use but do so unsuccessfully.

Who Should Receive Substance Abuse Treatment

People who abuse substances such as illegal drugs, legal drugs, or alcohol should consider seeking treatment from a psychiatrist. Besides alcohol, other commonly abused substances include marijuana, pain or anxiety pills, hallucinogens, opiates, and methamphetamines. Our team can help patients gain control over their substance abuse and cope with their related symptoms.

Without treatment, substance abuse can lead to other serious problems such as broken relationships with others, inability to complete school or work-related responsibilities, and long-term health problems. Continued substance abuse can result in major organ damage to the lungs, heart, kidneys, brain, and liver. Fortunately, our psychiatrist can treat substance abuse and prevent patients from experiencing such serious related symptoms.

Substance Abuse Treatment Options

Various psychotreatment treatments can help patients modify their behavior and find healthy ways to cope with symptoms and vulnerability to substance abuse. Possible treatments may include psychoanalysis, cognitive-behavioral treatment (CBT), and group treatment. The goal of any substance abuse treatment is to help patients live sober and drug-free lives. Our therapist will help patients better understand their risk factors and develop more accurate cognition and effective coping mechanisms. Patients will learn how to recognize and change their maladaptive behaviors and the tools they need to prevent a relapse.

The right substance abuse treatment may involve one or a combination of therapies or techniques. Our team takes a personalized approach to substance abuse treatment. We will determine the optimal treatment approach for a patient’s substance abuse based on the type of substance abused and their age, health, symptoms, and preferences. People interested in substance abuse treatment can contact us for more information about our available treatment options.

Benefits of Seeking Professional Treatment

Deciding to receive substance abuse treatment takes determination, courage, and motivation. Although it can seem like a daunting task, receiving professional treatment will provide patients with the support and guidance they need to overcome their maladaptive behavior. With the help of our psychiatrist, patients can prevent substance abuse from further harming their physical and mental health.

With treatment, people can minimize the need to use the substance frequently and reduce irritability or anxiety when the substance is not available. Besides better health, patients will also experience benefits in their personal and professional life. The right treatment plan can result in better relationships with loved ones and friends and increased performance and productivity at school and work.

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Substance abuse treatment is available at Florida Psychiatric Associates. While substance abuse can have severe consequences on a person’s life and health, the right treatment can help people regain control. Call us today at 407-960-5633 to learn more about our services or schedule an appointment.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the recommended amount of alcohol consumption?

According to the 2020-2025 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, adults of the legal drinking age should drink in moderation. This guideline recommends that men limit their alcohol intake to two drinks or less or one drink or less for women in a day. Excessive alcohol consumption can lead to various short- and long-term health risks.

Are prescription drugs safer than over-the-counter drugs?

Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous or addictive as illegal drugs. There are various ways people can abuse prescribed medications. Prescription drug abuse may include using someone else’s medication, taking a drug for a non-medical reason, taking too much of a drug, or using a medication in a way other than it is supposed to be taken.

How is substance abuse diagnosed?

Our psychiatrist can diagnose a patient with substance abuse. A diagnosis will depend on what substance is being abused, the frequency of use, and the length of time since the patient last used the substance. It is also beneficial to check for symptoms such as weight loss, fatigue, lab abnormalities, anxiety, and sleep issues.

What is the difference between substance abuse and addiction?

Although substance abuse and addiction can both have adverse effects, they are different. Addiction is more severe than substance abuse. Not everyone who engages in substance abuse will develop an addiction. Our team can help patients recognize and treat substance abuse early before it develops into an addiction.

What are the signs of a substance abuse problem?

Substance abuse problems can manifest in various ways throughout a person’s life. Some signs of substance abuse include a lack of interest, a lack of self-care, irregular sleeping patterns, mood swings, and a craving to use a particular substance. Other signs may include eating more or less than usual, trouble in relationships with others, issues at work or school, and isolation.

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