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Adhd Treatment Altamonte Springs, FL

There are ADHD treatment options are available for children. Instead of using medication to reduce symptoms, we believe in a more gentle approach to patient care that includes several forms of treatment.

It comes down to the brain

ADHD occurs when a child has less right brain activity. Since the condition is the result of this altered brain activity, a child is likely to struggle in areas that are controlled by the right side of the brain. For example, it is the right hemisphere that helps regulate impulsivity and a person’s ability to sit still or pay attention. Fortunately, the brain is highly adaptable, and it is possible to use therapy as a way to teach a child how to gain control over their feelings and behavior.

Possible therapies

There are other treatment options that a patient can use to improve their life and bring out the best of their own capabilities. To learn more about them, we encourage patients and their parents to schedule an appointment. In the meantime, here are a few to consider.

Behavior therapy

By bringing up behaviors and helping a person realize that they are doing them, this therapy offers a way to recognize and then change negative patterns. The person will learn how they respond to certain stimuli and situations and change the reaction to something positive.

This is especially beneficial for children who find it difficult to control their reactions, often responding to a situation in a negative or highly emotional way. By learning to incorporate control techniques like deep breathing, counting or repeating a calming phrase, children can learn to bring themselves back down.

Support groups

Support groups are ideal for those who want to meet others who are also diagnosed with ADHD. This helps them find friends and speak about the many ways that they can change patterns and behaviors. It helps the person know that they are not alone in this and that things can get better. Talking about the symptoms and patterns can make a person more aware of them, while the feedback from others is positive in a healing sense.

Social skills training

This training is ideal for young children who have ADHD and need ADHD treatment. This positive method works to provide social skills to young children who may have a hard time sharing, dealing with social situations, controlling their movements or talking to others. All these issues can be addressed in a positive environment using social skills training. 


At times, dietary changes can also make a positive impact on how a person feels or make it easier to manage ADHD symptoms. We will often ask patients questions about their daily routine, diet and even sleep patterns to identify simple changes they can make. For example, we may recommend that a child begin:

  • Taking a fish oil supplement or eating salmon regularly
  • Taking iron and zinc supplements
  • Getting tested for food allergies to eliminate any allergens
  • Reducing the amount of sugar or processed foods that are consumed

We can help identify the right ADHD treatment options

When ADHD treatment is needed, it is important to visit our office. Each child is unique, and so it is important to conduct an evaluation before making a treatment recommendation. Therapy and other methods can be used to help change behaviors without the use of medication.

To learn more, call us at (407) 960-5633 and reach Florida Psychiatric Associates.

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